Exceeding targets on Black Friday for Publishers

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Black Friday is a yearly highlight for publishers. Advertisers are willing to pay higher prices for impressions making it the most lucrative week of the year. It is an opportunity for them to reach new heights in terms of revenue in a one-week period. Black Friday week is powered by CPMs higher than usual and increased traffic allowing publishers to have higher RPM (revenue / 1000 auctions). In France in 2020, publishers have experienced an average revenue uplift of 27.7%.


Black Friday 2020 insights

The uplift in terms of auctions, eCPM, and programmatic revenue was undeniable. The 32% RPM uplift overall highlights the significance of the opportunity during this week.  In addition to being a crazy week in advertising, Black Friday also kicks off the winter holiday period. Having an ad stack that runs smoothly during that time is extremely valuable for publishers. To support publishers in these important times, we have come up with a few tips that will help them rock Black Friday and the winter holidays:


Capitalize on the increased traffic

The uniqueness of this opportunity leads publishers to make sure that they are well prepared for it. Retail websites see their auctions increase by 22% on average. Any issue is much more harmful during that period of time. Having access to the right data will help you understand your ad stack’s performance, and identify any loopholes and issues. This is especially important during the weeks before Black Friday. Real-time, granular data to ensure that the setup is fully optimized is the only way to be completely prepared. Furthermore, it is worth it for publishers to ask themselves if their inventory is connected to the best demand partners. Thanks to the cross-industry knowledge acquired by working with a large number of publishers, Pubstack can be an insightful partner when it comes to selecting the best possible demand sources.


Boost Your Viewability

Having a good level of viewability will make advertisers want to pay higher prices for your inventory. There are many elements that can be looked at to improve ad viewability, you can find out more about these here. Lately, we have been experiencing amazing results in terms of viewability thanks to ad refresh. We highly recommend that publishers consider this feature. A solution that refreshes ads while they are in-view generates a pool of highly viewable impressions (usually above 90%). This allows the overall quality of the inventory to increase. Benefitting from this viewability booster effect during a period as active as Black Friday can be a real game-changer.


Consider running Ad Refresh

During such a busy period, an ad refresh solution can come in handy for publishers who want to exceed their targets and expectations. Without counting the viewability booster effect they have, ad refresh on their own usually increases a publisher’s revenue by 20-40%. Find out everything there is to know about our product here.  Since RPMs are higher during that time, it is the optimal moment to have them running. Pubstack’s solution allows you to have full control over all of your refresh rules. This is very valuable for publishers willing to adjust their strategy during Black Friday.

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