The Monetizer

The Moneytizer is a digital advertising platform which provides opportunity to publishers to monetize their websites with exclusive all-in-one solutions. It brings up the latest technologies in digital advertising to provide highest revenue to publishers.



The Moneytizer is a very fast growing company with a massive amount of traffic to monitor and an extensive use and expertise in Header Bidding:

  • +20,000 monetized websites to monitor and counting
  • + 1000 additional website per month
  • Partnerships with all SSPs in the open market
  • A need for more reactivity when there is an issue
  • A need for an extensively scalable solution


With such a great amount of websites and partners, The Moneytizer has a very fast growth to sustain and can only think in terms of scalability.

For their monitoring needs, they have built a powerful home-made reporting tool which centralizes all the SSPs’ reports. However, the team needed a much more granular and real-time data, which was hugely lacking in the SSPs report. 



  • Thanks to highly granular data and extensive slice and dice capacity, The Moneytizer can now fine-tune their partnerships to speed up the process towards optimal yield.
  • By using Pubstack’s top-down analysis, the team is now able to quickly identify the root cause of a revenue drop for corrective action to be taken before any harm is done. A mission that could have been like “looking for a needle in a haystack” if they didn’t use the appropriate platform.
  • Pubstack also provided custom and highly advanced KPI’s to monitor their very specific activity
The Moneytizer
The Moneytizer

Pubstack made it easy for the moneytizer to optimize their multiple websites advertising revenues within a very fast growing environment.

+ 10%

growth in overall advertising revenue thanks to an optimized Ad refresh strategy


improved troubleshooting speed and accuracy to limit impact on revenue performance


decrease in website churn with increased overall RPM

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