Customer overview

Sports Local Media is a sports oriented Ad network with a high level of technological maturity. Its websites bring together more than 6 million unique visitors every month.

Their team started the programmatic transition in 2012 and acquired an extensive experience in this field since then.



  • Header bidding with more than 10 bidders
  • Google Ad Manager 



The SLM ADS team has an extensive expertise in header bidding and programmatic advertising. They have been experiencing a huge growth since many publishers started adopting their advertising stack.

With hundreds of managed websites that need continuous optimization on several devices and regions, they definitely needed an analytics platform to sustain their growth.



  • Troubleshooting – Being more responsive in correcting header bidding potential setup issues.
  • Optimization – Reaching optimal yield by continuously A/B testing their Ad stack .
  • Release & QA – Being immediately aware of the impact of any change in their inventory or Ad stack setup.



  • All websites’ and bidders’ advertising performance was centralized in one place allowing the team to connect the dots easily between all sources.
  • Real time data for QA and technical validation allowing the team to work smarter and solve problems faster.
  • A flexible A/B testing process with different combinations for any new bidders, ad unit, ad size or setup change. The team uses Pubstack to run dozens of AB tests with very granular and flagged data.

Pubstack helped SLM ADS optimize their A/B testing strategy and speed-up the process towards optimal yield.

- 45%

of bidders timeouts on all websites


times more AB testing with hugely reduced AB testing cycles


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