Sinovum Media was looking for a monitoring tool that allowed them to get a deeper analysis of their ad stack in a time-efficient way for their synonym site: 

Previously relying exclusively on GAM, the data they had access to was aggregated, which did not allow them to make quick data-driven decisions. In order to come up with more effective optimizations, they started looking for some deeply filtered, real-time data. 


The Solution

Real-time, granular data

Pubstack has allowed Precisera to quickly identify optimizations that could be made regarding their ad stack to increase their revenue. This was made possible thanks to the non-aggregated data offered by Pubstack. Troubleshooting became substantially easier thanks to the real-time data provided by the platform. The intuitive and insightful aspects of Pubstack have quickly made it become part of the team’s habits. 

“I log in every day for a 5 minutes check of the daily revenue, and compare it to the week before and the monthly trend” 

David Stockelberg – Managing Director at Sinovum Media


Support from Pubstack team 

Pubstack has proven to be a very helpful partnership regarding the optimization of advertising revenue through valuable knowledge on Prebid.

“The knowledge from the support team brings a lot of value to the Pubstack experience. People who are experienced with Prebid are hard to find these days.”

David Stockelberg – Managing Director at Sinovum Media


Impacts :

Through the use of Pubstack’s platform, Precisera was able to save valuable time. And Pubstack’s support and knowledge of the industry enabled an uplift in terms of revenue but also in terms of the main metrics for a publisher (Fill rate / Auctions…)

  • Decreased dependency on GAM by increasing Prebid’s share of voice from 60% to 70%
  • +13% of Prebid ad revenue linked to the use of Pubstack
Sinovum Media
Sinovum Media

Pubstack helped Sinovum Media ( to decrease its dependency on GAM, increase advertising revenue and troubleshoot a lot quicker.


Advertising revenue


Prebid share of voice vs GAM

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