The Challenge

Quarter Media is one of the leading service providers for technology-based monetization networks in Germany. Their team is composed of experts in the areas of sales, ad technology, and online marketing.

The ad network works with more than 200 well-known German publishers to sustainably optimize their advertising sales thanks to their innovation and technology-driven orientation.

Quarter Media used to rely on EMX Digital (a managed wrapper) for their header bidding, but wanted to have more control over it. So, they decided to internalize the management of their HB wrapper via Prebid, and they needed a solution to help them monitor all their monetization data to have a good hold on it.

The Solution 

Granular insights

Quarter Media chose Pubstack, which monitoring capabilities give them much more insights about what is happening in their Header Bidding environment, and empower them with the right analytics to find the best solutions.  

Day to day monitoring

The team uses Pubstack on a daily basis for monitoring all aspects of their Prebid Header Bidding performance. When new Header Bidding partners are integrated, Pubstack helps make sure they perform well against the others, optimize competition and generate uplift. When new Publishers join the network, Pubstack helps check if all connections are running well.

Time and Money saving

With a high level of granularity and data observability, the team was able to save considerable amounts of money and achieve uplifts in no time.

“Using Pubstack saves us money and time in monitoring our Header Bidding performance. We thought about building our own reports or using a managed wrapper solution. However, most solutions do not meet Pubstack’s intensity of reporting capabilities.” Tibor Gaddum – Managing Director of Quarter Media

Premium support

Pubstack’s team of analytics experts and long term experience gives Quarter Media proven insights of what works and what does not, in order for them to make the best use of their systems and integrations. Which accelerates the process toward optimal yield.

“Pubstack feels like a part of our team and accompanies us to achieve the best possible results.”  Tibor Gaddum – Managing Director of Quarter Media

Quarter Media
Quarter Media

Pubstack empowers Quarter Media with highly granular data to achieve uplifts in no time!

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