STEP Network’s programmatic lead, Kim Skovgaards Jørgensen, talks about Pubstack

STEP Network, formerly part of the media group Jysk Fynske Medier, is a Network with 70+ websites to monitor and around 750 billion auctions monthly. STEP Network partners with all major SSPs, as well as specific SSPs in the Nordics.



The Challenges

  • A need for more data granularity 
  • A need for extensive data observability due to the number of monitored websites

STEP Network has a long history of testing different tools to supervise their header bidding stack. For their monitoring needs, they have tried several solutions (Adomik, Roxot) and have also built an in-house reporting tool. But none of these tools succeeded in giving the team the level of granularity and observability they were looking for.


The Solution

Fast troubleshooting with granular data

Pubstack’s extensively granular data paired with powerful slice and dice capacities empowers STEP with a high level of observability to benchmark their websites and fine-tune their ad performance. 

“We have a unified naming for our ad units across all websites, with Pubstack it is easy to check if a specific ad unit’s performance is lagging behind on a particular website out of +70.”

Ulrik Kristensen – Partnerships and Publishers’ Manager – STEP Network

Continuous Improvement

Other than accelerated troubleshooting, Pubstack allows for continuous improvement and learning.

Thanks to real-time data, the team can test different setups, connect new SSPs and instantly gauge the impact it has on performance. Actions that lead to negative impacts are corrected immediately and those that lead to positive impacts are scaled and implemented on a more global scale. 

Time and Money Saving

Contrary to other tools, Pubstack managed to become a part of the team’s routine as it allows to save a considerable amount of time thanks to easy access to data and instant actionable insights.

“You never know what may go wrong, mistakes can happen and Pubstack allows us to instantly pinpoint revenue drops so we can catch the incident hours before and hours can typically mean a loss of thousands of euros.”

Ulrik Kristensen – Partnerships and Publishers’ Manager – STEP Network

Step Network
Step Network

Pubstack empowers STEP with real-time analytics for fast troubleshooting and more ad revenues!


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