Interview – Nepomuk Seiler -Head of Software Engineering

Highfivve is the first German special marketer of programmatic advertising in the DACH region. In his interview, Nepomuk Seiler explains how he and his team use Pubstack to gain clarity within the ad stack and in what ways the support team’s expertise and knowledge are essential to them.


The Challenge

Highfivve is a spin-off of the Gutefrage with a 30M unique user reach per month.

HighFivve had realized that operating and optimizing the complex systems of ad tech required good monitoring. Without it, getting a clear understanding of what is happening in the ad stack is very difficult. They had identified many topics that they hoped to optimize. These included bidders evaluation, publisher onboarding, and a/b testing, among others. After an unsuccessful try at building their own monitoring system, they started looking on the market for products offering this service. 


Conclusive results after a few months

Within the first months of our partnership with HighFivve, the real-time monitoring and granular data had made a massive difference for them. 

“We started working with Pubstack and were really able, to increase our revenue significantly.” – Nepomuk Seiler

The optimizations to their stack, made possible thanks to Pubstack, included: 

  • Effectively monitoring their ad stack, thus allowing them to check if all the bidders work, if the requests are coming in, viewability levels, etc. 
  • Quickly spotting and fixing minor issues.
  • Making the publisher onboarding process a lot fast and easier.
  • Running A/B tests focusing on the prebid setup and a better understanding of the data. 

Thanks to Pubstack, HighFivve is now able to determine precisely how much revenue is generated – or lost – by each action they take. Thus, helping them to improve their ad stack continuously. 



HighFivve (Gutefrage)
HighFivve (Gutefrage)

Pubstack helps Highfivve significantly boost their revenue through simple optimizations and brings more clarity to their ad stack.


"Pubstack was the best decision we made in 2020"

“We have a much better understanding of our adstack.”

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