Supercharge your monetization machine with Ad Refresh

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Optimize your Prebid wrapper’s performance thanks to Ad Refresh!

When building their wrapper, once the bidding pressure is maximized, publishers can go one step further to build the optimal monetization machine. There are many ways publishers can continue optimizing their wrapper. Even once they have carefully selected their partners, the work is not over yet. One proven way to continue the optimization process is through ad refresh. Pubstack has helped many publishers go through this phase of the process. This article will show you how you can supercharge your monetization machine using ad refresh.


Ad Refresh: Increasing Revenue without harming the inventory

We advise our publishers to refresh their inventory in a way that sustains the value of their inventory in the long run. To do so, there are a few easy steps that publishers can follow that will allow them to yield this enormous boost in revenue while sustaining their inventory’s quality. Granular rules and features to prevent layout shifts are required to implement an ad refresh strategy that doesn’t harm the user experience. Granular rules help the publisher avoid having too many refresh occurrences over the same session. Having too many refreshes may upset the users. Publishers can adjust their timers depending on the probability that the adunit has a refresh. A sticky ad unit will have much more opportunity to refresh than any common ad unit, especially on mobile. Therefore, it will generate much more user fatigue in comparison to other ad units. Ideally, the timer would be higher on the sticky ad unit than on others. Furthermore, having a higher timer on desktop than on mobile − since ad units are more often in view on desktop − can make a lot of sense as well. These factors should be taken into consideration when setting the timer for each ad unit.


The viewability booster effect

In terms of viewability, ad refresh actually increases viewability when refreshes are done in view. It will generate a pool of highly viewable impressions that will contribute to boosting the overall quality of the inventory. However, if the refreshes are done out of view, many of the generated impressions will not be viewed, and this will decrease the viewability.

Ad Refresh effect on CPMs

When increasing the average viewability level, the CPMs usually remain steady. There can be some gaps between the CPM of the first impression and the CPMs of the refreshed impressions. But once the publisher starts refreshing, the CPM from the first auction is not impacted. We also strongly recommend activating bid caching in order to generate more revenue from in-view ad refresh.

Maintaining good relationships with SSPs

Finally, it is possible to refresh and keep a good relationship with demand partners. To do so, the behavior of the SSPs need to be monitored after the refreshes are implemented. Pubstack has helped many publishers to monitor this. Once the in-view ad refresh solution is activated, we make sure that there are no adverse effects on the SSPs, either by monitoring their bidding patterns on the first call and on the refresh, or for example by monitoring the CPMs. In the rare cases where behavioral shifts are seen, the publisher can immediately adapt, by setting up a granular rule for the ad units on which the issue was detected, or by only setting it up for the SSP in question.


Maximizing ad revenue for a publisher is a continuous process. Even with a fully optimized setup and monitoring, there are still many ways to reach significant uplifts. In-view ad refresh has proven to be extremely effective. When done correctly, this technique can allow a massive revenue uplift, while having benefits for the overall quality of the inventory thanks to a viewability boost. Looking into ways to maximize your wrapper’s performance is the final step of the process. Before doing so, you should make sure that you understand how much incremental value each partner brings to your stack. You should also be able to monitor their behavior with precision.


Having trouble understanding precisely how much value your SSPs are bringing to your stack?

We strongly recommend having a clear view of how much value each of your partners is bringing to your ad stack. To have a full understanding of it, you should look at the incremental value they bring.  Their incremental value is the value they bring that cannot be compensated by your other partners. This is why it is the most effective way to understand their performance. To help you with that, you can download our free Incremental Value Report Template here:


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