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How does Pubstack’s pricing work?

Our pricing is a monthly flat fee, based on the volume of ad requests sent every month. Our pricing is made to be always ROI-positive.

Plans start at 1000€/month with volume discounts.

How many users are included in my subscription?

You can connect as many users as you need (sales, adops, yield, developers…).

What type of support is included?

Premium and customized support is included for all customers, big and small, size does not matter 😉

Do you charge for setup?

Set-up is completely free of charge.

ROI Business Cases

Business Case #1

Defective Targeting Issue

A misconfiguration in the setup was causing a massive issue that was costing the publisher over 20K of annual revenue. In some cases, the auction was not won by the highest bidder, so the revenue was directly impacted. Thanks to its granular data, Pubstack was able to spot this issue and give a step-by-step fix to the publisher.
Business Case #2

Bid Throttling issue

As there are many different ways to optimize an ad stack today, there are also many small optimizations that can be done within the setup. While they may seem marginal at first, adding up all these optimizations makes, in reality, a huge difference in terms of ad revenue for the publisher. Maximizing a publisher’s ad revenue is a continuous process. Let’s deep dive into one of the common issues that we have been able to fix using Pubstack.
Business Case #3

In-House Ad Refresh Solution vs Pubstack

One of our publishers who was already running an in-house ad refresh solution decided to make a test to compare his solution vs Pubstack's solution. We achieved a +120% uplift in comparison to the existing solution on the website on which the test was running.
Business Case #4

Increasing ad revenue by 74% with ad refresh

Thanks to Pubstack's Ad Refresh solution, we were able to skyrocket our client's prebid revenue. In this practical case, on the specific website on which our test was running, we reached a 74% Prebid revenue uplift when our solution was implemented.
Business Case #5

Header Bidding Integration issue

Things can easily go wrong during an update, but continuously monitoring your ad stack can avoid you considerable revenue losses caused by an integration issue. Check this case to see how.
Business Case #6

Solving revenue discrepancies

Discrepancies tend to be a headeach for all publishers. Through this practical case we will show you how we've helped one of our customers solve a discrepancy issue and achieve a 225K€ yearly uplift in ad revenue.
Business Case #7

Timeouts optimization

Optimizing timeouts for more ad revenues without hurting user experience is a brain-teaser for every publisher. Through this case, we will demonstrate how Pubstack helped a publisher achieve a 100K€ yearly uplift without impacting the user experience.
Business Case #8

Prebid Integration Issue

The deep understanding of publishers' ad stacks made possible with Pubstack, allowed in this case, to identify that Prebid was not bidding on auto-refresh ads, thus impacting revenue directly.

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