How to make sure your SSPs are performing at an optimal level?

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Make sure the SSPs are optimally performing at all times

Once the wrapper is built and the SSPs carefully selected and in place, Publishers need to make sure that the SSPs are performing in an optimal way at all times and that their full potential is yielded. Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our publishers regarding optimization of SSP performance include the following:

  • How to make sure that nothing is broken?
  • How to make sure that my SSPs are performing well?
  • What should I look out for in terms of the most common issues?
  • And how do I fix them?


Maximize bidding pressure in the auction

To maximize SSP performance, publishers need to find ways to maximize bidding pressure within the auction. High bidding pressure leads to high prices. This also means that Prebid will be competing against the ad server more often, thus generating more value. To do so, publishers can focus on the following levers:

  • Pinpoint and fill gaps in the mapping
  • Uncover and fix broken AdSlots with Reports and Alerts
  • Identify and implement missing sizes
  • React right away thanks to real-time data
  • Sport underperforming partners in a specific context
  • Use high granularity to get to the root cause of an issue


Ensure the value declared is being paid

Once potential is maximized, the following step ensures that it is turning into revenue. Often, we see that what is being declared on the page is not actually what is being paid at the end of the month. There can be several reasons for that. The most common one is due to a constant discrepancy. A gap can sometimes be observed day after day between what the publisher is reporting and what the SSP is reporting and therefore paying. This gap can be due to the fact that the SSP is bidding in gross and are only paying in net, so the publisher needs to adjust those bids. It can also be due to the fact that the SSP is bidding in the wrong currency. For example, they can be bidding in USD in an auction in euros, resulting in an unfair advantage.

Some more tedious issues can also occur. More impressions can be counted as viewed due to the SSP having specific conditions. For example, some SSPs will only count an impression as viewed if it has been viewed for a set amount of time. Furthermore, there can be some technical issues, such as rendering issues, where the impression is detected but does not actually appear on the page. The problem can also come from the creative, thus preventing it from rendering.

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