Ad Refresh Myths: “Ad Refresh is a user experience killer”

Posted by Oscar Bole on

The impact of Ad refresh on user experience is probably one of the most widely spread misconceptions about Ad refresh in ad tech. Its effect on UX is a very frequent concern for publishers when they are considering implementing them. Some of them believe that as soon as they implement ad refresh, the website will resemble a flickering Christmas tree. However, while it is true that some websites abuse this technique thus killing the user experience, there are in reality many ways to keep them fully under control and generate revenue uplifts simultaneously.

By taking a deeper look at what specific issues lead to a poor user experience in regards to ad refresh, we can identify two practices that should absolutely be avoided.



1 – Avoid Layout Shift


If your ad refresh solution created layout shifts on your website, you can be sure that the UX of your website will be harmed. Furthermore, Google closely monitors layout shifts, meaning that this practice could also have an impact on your SEO ranking. We recommend publishers under no circumstances to be using ad refresh with layout shifts.



2 – Adjust the refresh frequency


Publishers need to be very cautious with the ad refresh frequency as well. A high-frequency for ad refreshes will give websites the flickering effect that should be avoided. Such an effect tends to increase the bounce rate of your website because of a deficient user experience.

By making sure that there is no layout shift and a decent refresh frequency, publishers can be reassured that ad refresh will only have a limited impact on user experience.


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