6 high-income header bidding formats you are not using to their full extent!

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You spent a lot of time setting up your header bidding wrapper; you made sure you’ve connected several partners, and now you see nice CPM and fill-rate uplifts. 


On the other hand, there may be some other topics you haven’t explored yet with them. 

Below we will be talking about some header bidding formats you should be testing now before later with your preferred SSPs.


1- Skin (often referred to as 1800×1000)

Many Open Exchanges like Appnexus, Index Exchange, Rubicon, Smart, etc., have considerable demand for high-impact formats such as Wallpapers.

While it is true that you need to create a javascript template to connect this particular format, most of the time, the game is worth the effort. Moreover, some SSPs can provide out-of-the-box templates; you just need to ask! 


2- Out-stream video

Some partners, like Teads, have built a strong reputation for out-stream video. Nevertheless, several Tier1-SSPs like Appnexus, SpotX, and Rubicon offer out-stream video, too, and it is definitely worth testing them.

We highly recommend that you get in touch with your SSP account manager to find out if they provide out-stream.

You can also try to have your RTB actors compete with technologies like Taboola or Outbrain.


3- In-stream video

Let’s say that this is a more technically complex topic but nothing to be afraid of.

Moreover, you can find very significant demand through many SSPs! If you’re keen on learning more about this particular format, check our guide to instream video header bidding.


4- Native ads

In header bidding, it is easy to find through your partners, demand for Native In-Content. It is usually placed on a classic IAB display banner, which adapts to the design of your content.

You can also find formats that integrate more naturally with your page design. Try to check this out with your partners, even those who are not specialized in native advertising, like TripleLift, Criteo, Quantum, Adyoulike, etc.


5- Interstitial ads (often referred to as 320×480)

Well! Interstitial is one very contested format! However, when you use it along with appropriate user capping, it tends to offer excellent results in terms of CPM and even in terms of Opens.

If you’re wondering what appropriate caping is, we recommend not to go over one impression for video and not over three impressions for display when it comes to interstitial ads. 


6- Parallax

Some SSPs offer native Parallax ads. Nevertheless, you – as a Publisher – can create your own Parallax template using javascript. 

Parallax is a very powerful format especially for Mobile: it takes the same place as a classic banner but you can fit more impactful formats in it (300×600, 320×480, 300×250); while staying very user-friendly.

To make it short, if the publisher has only given you 300×250 pixels on a page, parallax remains a very good option to display more impactful formats without taking up more space and while still hitting higher CPMs.



We cannot recommend you enough to get in touch with all your partners and ask them if they have demand for each of the aforementioned formats. 

If they do, go for it and test them! This can bring very considerable revenue streams and boost your quarter!

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