The Challenge

Talks Media is a leading Italian publishers’ network. Their mission is to leverage each publisher’s potential and offer the best visibility to advertisers.

The team manages an internal network of 

  • + 350,000 unique visitors per day, 
  • + 100 million page views per month and more than, 
  • + 4 million registered profiles.

Talks’ mission is to allow publishers to do the publishing job, without having to worry about an ever more complex ad-tech landscape. For the publisher to be totally comfortable in handling them his ad inventory, they needed to be at the top of the game in terms of OMP monetization. So, they needed a solution to help them improve their monitoring capabilities, learn, and scale-up.

The Solution

Talks Media immediately adopted Pubstack, and from the first days of testing, the solution became a part of the whole team’s work habits (Ad Ops, Developers and Publisher Managers), as it provided them with highly granular insights, for testing, troubleshooting and continuous improvement.

The Results

Pubstack helped Talks Media achieve three non-critical objectives:

  • Acquire a finer-grained monitoring capability;
  • Get unified visibility over site performance;
  • React quicker to significant monetization drops;
  • Start a continuous improvement process thanks to Pubstack’s support team.

“Pubstack’s support team is outstanding! Competent and very helpful.” Marco Lacobellis – CEO – Talks Media


The Impacts

The team has now more control over the ad stack and managed to achieve more scalability to integrate smoothly more publishers.

With all the data impacting header bidding in the same place, the team managed to save considerable amounts of time, to speed up the process towards optimal yield.

“Thanks to Pubstack’s insights we were able to increase competition in header bidding, achieving a 15%  ad revenue increase.” Marco Lacobellis – CEO – Talks Media

Talks Media Use Case
Talks Media Use Case

With all their monetization data in one place, Talks Media managed to improve their daily revenue and save considerable amounts of time, to speed up the process towards optimal yield.

+15% uplift

thanks to smartly increased competition

↗ Control

over the ad stack

↗ Scalability

to smoothly integrate new websites

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